Want to start or just started playing online bingo but not sure what some of the words mean? Don’t worry, we have pulled some of the most popular bingo words, terms and phrases into a bingo glossary…

75 Ball Bingo – Big in the North America, 75 Ball Bingo is one of the most popular forms of bingo. As you’d guess, the game is played with 75 balls and the object of the game is to be the first player to bingo on the pattern that is pre-selected at the start of each game. 

90 Ball Bingo – 90 Ball Bingo has been played across all the UK’s Bingo Halls since the 1960’s and is still the nation’s favourite form of Bingo.  The game is played with 90 balls and cards made up of 15 numbers (three rows of five numbers) with the aim to complete three patterns on the card. The first pattern being a single line across, the second two lines across and the third a ‘full house’ (all numbers on the strip). Prizes usually increase in value for each successful pattern with the games jackpot awarded to the first player to complete a Full House.

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Card – A card is what you purchase to play and contain the numbers used to play the game.

Chat Lingo – WTG (way to go), WD (well done) and BRB (be right back) are some common phrases used in chat rooms. There’s a load more too – get chatting!

Chat Rooms – These are places you can go and talk to other players, ask questions with chat hosts, and play games. Most of the top bingo sites have great online communities which really add to the online bingo experience.

CHs – CH stands for Chat Host. Chat Hosts monitor chat rooms, offering help, advice and general bingo chat. These guys really know their stuff and if you’re really nice to them they can sometimes even dish out prizes!!!

Deposits – Any money that you put into your online account. 

Deposit Bonus – Most sites will give you a bonus on each deposit you make. There are some fantastic offers around so be sure to visit our offers page and click some of our great, exclusive deals.

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Progressive Jackpots – In the progressive jackpot games, a separate pot of cash is put aside each time a player buys cards. The value of the jackpot increases a small amount with each game until a player wins the jackpot. To win the jackpot, you must play the special progressive jackpot game and call bingo in less than a certain amount of calls. 

Roomies – The collective noun for players who are chatting in a chat room – get chatting to your fellow roomies, lots of players make friends for life in the virtual bingo halls

 Wagers – This is the total amount that you have staked on a particular bingo game